Prague Branch

More about this branch:

This distribution center is in close proximity to nation’s busiest highway, the D1. Situated at the Říčany-Jažlovice exit (10 km from Prague), it offers 6,000 m2 of storage space and 200 m2 of office space.

Warehouse equipment:

  • Pallet racks with a clear storage height of 10m
  • State-of-the-art handling equipment
  • Electronic and staffed security for the premises
  • Fire protection
Goods’ full value
  • Insurance:

  • Goods’ full value

6,000 pallet positions
  • Capacity:

  • 6,000 pallet positions

Electronic and staffed
  • Security:

  • Electronic and staffed

Warehouse software
  • Software:

  • Warehouse software

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Branch location and address

Address: Prologis Park, D1 East, hala DC8 Na Dlouhém 103, 251 01 Říčany-Jažlovice. GPS coordinates: 49.9682428N, 14.6288881E

Other Warehousing Facilities

Our logistics branches are located in close proximity to highways and other major roads – by D1 near Prague, by D52 near Brno, and in the industrial zone in Karviná.

Our distribution centers are located directly on the D1 and D52 highways and in Karviná

Our distribution centers have a storage capacity of 15,000 m2, with 20,000 pallet positions

Phone +420 513 034 253

LOGFLEX CZ s.r.o. bases its business on the Czech market on a strong foundation: self-run transport, warehousing, and package distribution, high-quality facilities, capable staff, and the latest information technologies.

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