International Shipping

We deliver more than 1000 shipments daily

LOGFLEX CZ is capable of transporting shipments of all sizes and natures throughout Europe, either through regular groupage lines or direct loading and unloading.

Regular  Groupage Lines

Groupage Lines

This involves the transport of shipments where the weight of one piece does not exceed 1,500 kg, the length is a maximum of 3.5 m, and the width and height do not exceed 2 m. In cooperation with our partners in various European countries, we transport your shipments reliably and economically “from door to door”.

Full-Truckload  Shipments and Part Loads

Shipments and Part Loads

Our team of experienced dispatchers reliably ensures the transport of your shipments throughout Europe. We transport shipments on various types of vehicles, including the transport of dangerous goods under ADR.

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