Domestic Transportation

We deliver more than 1000 shipments daily

LOGFLEX CZ is able to distribute shipments of all sizes and natures across the entire Czech Republic, either through a system of piece shipments or a specialized department of full-truckload and partial load transport.

Piece Shipment  Distribution System

Piece Shipment
Distribution System

This involves the transport of shipments where the weight of one piece does not exceed 1,500 kg, the length is a maximum of 3.5 m, and the width and height do not exceed 2 m. According to customer requirements, we provide loading/unloading with a hydraulic tail lift, cash on delivery, scheduled loading/unloading, allow tracking of the transport process, and printing of transport documents confirmed by the recipient from our web portal. We deliver shipments to companies and individuals.

Full-Truckload  Shipments and Part Loads

Shipments and Part Loads

LOGFLEX CZ uses a wide range of vehicles (from vans to trailers), always with a focus on maximum efficiency (both economic and operational) of the handled transport. Of course, the vehicles are in good technical condition, have a representative appearance, and are driven by trained drivers.

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